Current Event
Current Event

Alaska to Mexico Marathon
August 27th - September 26th, 2023

This incredible Marathon event will take our team 12,000km south from the vast wilderness of unique wildlife and striking landscapes of Alaska, to the tropical beaches of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.

The extraordinarily diverse route traverses asphalt and gravel roads lined with snow-capped mountains, wide open landscapes, alpine scenery, rugged deserts, ancient canyons, towering rock formations, beautiful beaches, giant sand dunes and tranquil fishing villages.

We begin in Gold Rush country surrounded by snowy peaks with old mining outposts dotting the unspoiled expanse of Alaska and the Yukon, where distances are great, and civilisation is minimal. Snaking south through Canada, the high mountain views give way to lush pastures. We stop in Dawson Creek where all facilities are available. The wine country of Southern Canada will be a surprise to most before we cross into the USA just south of Osoyoos.

Washington State has Pacific rain forests, alpine scenery and wineries, and we will take a rest day in the quaint wine town of Walla Walla. Oregon and Idaho have more of the same, but the climate gradually gets more arid, and race and speedways become more frequent alongside the abundance of gravel roads to keep us occupied. In Nevada and Utah the sky gets bigger, sandy and rugged vistas dominate, and a rest day in Moab will allow the guys to explore and appreciate these all the more.

Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona will arrive in quick succession and the incredible sand and gravel tracks promise intense competition. In the most unreal and picturesque of surroundings, and quirky, friendly desert towns, we will stop for refreshments and exploration, with a final day off in a luxurious resort in Tucson.

Everything will change dramatically once we cross into Mexico. Our first overnight will be on the shores of the Sea of Cortez in Puerto PeƱasco. From here the scenery becomes turquoise ocean bays, white sand beaches, quiet fishing villages, and colonial architecture. The next five days see lots of dusty tracks, challenging regularities, cactuses, big hats, tequila and great driving.

Finally, after a month of intense driving, competition, adventure and camaraderie, we will arrive at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula. The resort town of Cabo San Lucas will welcome the rally with open arms, and this is where the real party begins!

Chris and Jeff will be in the 1957 Chevy Bel Air, car #20. Tim and Jim will be in the 1971 Ford Escort, car #43.

You can learn more about the Alaska to Mexico Rally on the Rally the Globe website

We will be posting race updates starting on August 25th,   here!

Alaska to Mexico Rally

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